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Tarpon in Motion

A video from my good friend Dan Decibel, who is equally adept with a video camera as he is with a fly rod or a push pole. Good guy and a good fisherman.

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The State of DIY Bahamas Bonefishing

Here’s a story from Bonefish on the Brain about the proposals to regulate Bahamas flats fishing. One of the big potential restrictions concerns Do-It-Yourself fishing. Essentially, some factions of the Bahamian fly-fishing community want to restrict when and where and how DIYers fish. It’s an interesting issue. I’ve got a story in the November issue of Florida Sportsman. For now, check out BOTB.

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Barracuda on Fly

My story for Snook & Gamefish Foundation

Tarpon season is just about over in Florida. In a few weeks, once the mullet run winds down, the chase for the Silver King will largely be done. Like many of our favorite flats targets, once winter arrives most tarpon will depart for warmer waters.

South Florida fly fishermen have traditionally have turned to two local options close to home: They break out the bass poppers or grease up the fly-tying vise and wait for spring.

But, there’s another possibility: Barracuda. They’re in the Keys, they’ll suck down a fly. Once hooked, they’re ready to test your backing, not to mention your guide’s boating skills.

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Time for a Paddle board

My story in Hatch Magazine.

I admit it. I’m a sucker for fool’s gold. If there’s a gadget, I’ve got it, which is why my garage is always full of stuff. For me, more has been better. I’ve gone through more fly rods, canoes and kayaks than the average angler. I swore I would stop hoarding after I got a kayak, a Native Ultimate, but I didn’t. I recently added a paddle board to the fleet. For years, I had resisted buying one, because I figured I was too stiff to stay upright, even against the weakest of tides. While casting a fly rod? Not unless I took Pilates.

But one day, a neighbor, a non angler, suggested I paddle board. So I tried it. I didn’t even carry a rod. I figured the less that could go overboard the better. Remarkably, I stayed dry — and I was hooked. The skeptic became a believer. Less than a week later, I bought my first paddle board. I use it as much as possible.

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Barracuda Get a Break

The FWC recently passed legislation that provides protection for South Florida barracuda. The Snook & Gamefish Foundation and the Lower Keys Guides Association were instrumental in getting these regulations approved. Well done.

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