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A Friend from the Past

About 15 years ago, I fished the northern Mosquito Lagoon with John Kumiski. We’ve lost touch over the years, but I reconnected with him for a story I’m writing on the Indian River Lagoon.  It was a fun, informative conversation. John tells the truth, a refreshing perspective in the age of political correctness.

Take John’s blog, for instance. If he catches fish, he says so; if he doesn’t, he owns up to it, even if, as a professional guide, it would pay to post only positive fishing reports. I like it. You know where you stand. Not every is a carnival on the water, particularly with a fly rod. People need to know that guides have tough days as well.

Here’s his blog and a link to the website.

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The Indian River Lagoon Paddle

It’s official. I’ve signed up for the IRL Paddle Adventure, a one-day event in early November to raise awareness for the environmental issues plaguing the Indian River Lagoon. I wrote a story about this fund-raiser last year for the Tampa Bay Fly Fishing club newsletter. Back then, a group of paddlers made the 156-mile trek from New Smyrna to Palm Beach County. I admired their perseverance and vowed I would join them. Now I have. However, this year’s IRL lasts just one day and breaks the trip into a series of short paddles.  I’m making the trip from Hobe Sound to Jupiter Inlet on Nov. 14.

Here’s some info.

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The Roll Cast, a Neglected Tool

I need work on this. It’s amazing how we all want more distance, but sometimes a simple cast escapes us when we most need it, because we don’t work on it. This vid goes over the basics well.

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