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Another Species Conquered

Caught this nice Peacock last week in Lake Worth’s Lake Osbourne. It’s the second Peacock I’ve caught and third species of bass I’ve landed, along with the traditional largemouth and smallmouth. Peacock generally aren’t found north of Lake Worth. You have to venture into southern Palm Beach County to find warm enough water and climate to support their habitat.

I’ve glad I caught one. They’ll make the winter pass faster. They’re mainly a summer fish, but they’ll feed in the warmer part of the day, once the sun’s up, even in winter. A late riser, my kind of fish!

A trip to Lake Osbourne is worth it.



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Bass Pro Update

Bass Pro plans to expand to several Florida locations over the next year or so.

Bass Pro plans to expand to several Florida locations over the next year or so.

Bass Pro is on its way to several Florida locations. It’s just a matter of when.  Sarasota, Jacksonville, Gainesville and North Palm Beach all have plans to build a store; however, Gainesville and NPB are expected to arrive first in the Sunshine State.

According to the Bass Pro communications department, the store in North Palm Beach is in the “development/planning phase.” Although initial projections forecast a 2016 opening, it’s hard to say whether that timeline will be followed. The Gainesville store is due to start construction soon and should be finished by late 2016.

My guess is we’ll have an August/September completion for Gainesville, given a nine-month construction timeline. Again, this is just a guess, but it would fit the “late 2016” schedule.

Bass Pro already has Florida stores in Destin, Fort Myers, Tampa, Tallahasee, Port St. Lucie, Palm Bay, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The company has more than 70 stores nationwide, employing approximately 20,000 while generating more than $4 million in revenue.

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Common Sense Matters

Can't beat a Yeti cooler for quality.

Can’t beat a Yeti cooler for quality.

One of the beauties of fly-fishing is its trial-and-error learning curve. You try. You err. You try again.

Upright and secure for once in the backcountry.

Upright and secure for once in the backcountry.

I’ve thrown a fly for more than 20 years and I’m still learning.  Last summer,  I lost a rod, reel and IPhone on a relatively new paddleboard after getting blasted from a wake. I was fishing for tarpon on the ICW behind a parked yacht and a couple morning boaters caught me by surprise. Their wake tossed me and a fair amount of tackle overboard. Initially, I was upset and embarrassed but chalked it up to a live-and-learn moment and moved on.

Nearly a month or so later, I realized the incident could have been avoided. A bit of background on what happened: I tumbled because of two reasons: One, the boat caught me by surprise. I wasn’t aware. Two, I was sitting on my Yeti cooler. I thought I was stable. I was not. The cooler wasn’t strapped down. I assumed (wrongly) that I was stable enough. I was not.

I bought the strap kit from BOTE. Good decision. I can now lash the cooler to the board and, believe me, it’s not going anywhere. Also included in the setup is a paddle clip, which makes sight fishing easier because I now have a place to store my paddle, which keeps the deck cleaner.

I could have bought the paddle-and-clip kit initially, but, with the price of the board and paddle, I thought I could do without. Unless you’re fishing in boatless water, securing the cooler is a must.

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