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Yachts, Anyone?

My story on Bertram Yachts for

Bertram Yachts is under new ownership. The venerable boatbuilding company that fell under hard times in recent years has new owners and is focused on the company’s rich tradition to define its future.

When Beniamino Gavio bought Bertram in April 2015, the new owner said he wanted to return Bertram to its roots. Little translation was needed: Think American-made classic. Think Harley-Davidson. Think Chevrolet.

“I’ve heard of a lot of analogies,” said Tommy Thompson, Bertram’s Product Development Manager. “A sport-fisher is an American product. It needs to be utilitarian. Bertram was always at its best when it was built and designed by Americans, for whatever reason.”

The Gavio Group expanded its list of nautical assets last April when it bought Bertram from Ferretti Yachts, an Italian boatbuilder that has a long tradition in yachting circles, but struggled to capture the essence of the Bertram brand. Also in the Gavio yachting fold are Cerri Cantieri and Baglietto.

In September 2015, Lyman-Morse Boatbuilders, located in Maine, signed on to build Bertram’s prototypes. In October 2015, Thompson and Susan Davids, General Manager, were brought onboard to lead Bertram’s management team in its Fort Lauderdale, Florida, office.

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First Fishing Report of 2016

A view of the construction near Phipps park, near Lake Worth Pier.


I fished hard on the first day of 2016, but have nothing to show for it, except for the satisfaction that I did actually get out on the water.  That, in itself, is an accomplishment, given the blustery conditions of late. The wind blows A LOT on the southeast coast of Florida. Days of 10 mph winds or less are rare this time of year.

So, when I  saw the forecast for light winds out of the South, I made the most of it with back-to-back trips — one to the beach, the other to a local lake.

I went to Phipps Park, which is just north of Lake Worth Pier. Caught the last of the incoming and first of the outgoing. Walked north for about an hour and a half. Had a couple small houndfish take a swipe at my purple-and-white EP Baitfish. I saw one other fish, a flash of one actually, but received a mere follow from that potential sparring partner.

One sidenote: The south part of Phipps beach is closed due to construction. According to one of the lifeguards, the beach is being “widened.” So if you fish that area, head north.

I took a couple hours off, ate lunch and headed out to John Prince Park for a late-afternoon shot at peacocks and largemouth. What I found were people, lots of them. Lake Osborne was overrun with jet skis and boats. Needless to say, public parks on a holiday weekend are NOT a good idea. I will keep that in mind. Still, it was good to get out and take a look at the water. My gut feeling is that this unseasonably warm weather has made the fish unusually sluggish.  The surf temp was 77 degrees. I suspect the freshwater canals nearby are  about the same, a bit too hot for consistent feeding.

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