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More Pub for the Shop

My story in Fly Life Magazine on Don Reed, the owner of Saltwater Flytyers at Oyster Creek Outfitters. It’s a nice, tight informative Q&A.

Profile: The mercurial rise of Northeast FL and South GA’s best fly shop


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A Must-Have Item

sling pack

We now have Patagonia atom stealth sling packs at Saltwater Flytyers/Oyster Creek Outfitters. These are the best sling packs out there. I had Orvis’ sling pack before; Patagonia is better. It’s water resistant and has ample room for a water bottle, your gear and a separate waterproof compartment for your cell phone. Your stuff will STAY dry, even if you don’t. I know first hand. I landed in some oysters this week. My phone and wallet didn’t feel a drop.

And for the anglers who like to bike to their favorite spot, there’s two outer loops to attach a fly rod to keep your hands free to apply pedal power or root through some rugged terrain on foot. Buy this pack and you will not be disappointed. Its comfort and performance are superb.


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