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A Lesson in Docking a Boat

I’ve learned how to trailer a boat, how to launch it, how to fix it and how to run it.  One of the last tasks for me was learning to dock properly. I went out on the water earlier this week, but of course had no idea how to dock. Fortunately, the winds were light and there was plenty of space at the dock.  I got it done, but it wasn’t pretty. Here’s a video of how to get it done.

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A Little Fishing Info

Here’s a late winter/early spring fishing report from Oyster Creek Outfitters/Saltwater Flytyers:
Captain Tommy Derringer of Inshore Adventures reports that an unseasonably warm winter has left the water a bit murkier than usual for late February, making sight fishing a bit problematic. The reds are still schooled up , but they’re tough to see because of the lack of water clarity. A word of advice: Hit the creeks and blind cast the holes to produce double-digit fish outings. Capt. Tim Boothe visited the middle section of the Mosquito Lagoon and says he saw a number of nice schools, but the fish were fickle. Oyster Creek staffer Bill Stalcup said he’s heard reports of baby tarpon and snook in the southern part of St. Johns county. With March winds on the way, it never hurts to get out of the bluster and find a secluded pond.


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A Little Time Off the Water

Winter is here in Florida, which means more wind and less time for fly fishing. All you can do is fish between the fronts. The best-case scenario is one day a week to set up a trip. Needless to say, work, family responsibilities and short winter days yield a lot of time indoors.

A few restless anglers in Northeast Florida got a welcome break from cabin fever recently when Bruce Chard spoke at the First Coast Fly Fishers banquet at the Jacksonville Marriott.  A noted guide from Key West, Chard was gracious with his time and put on a first-class presentation where he spotlighted the top places in the world for shallow-water fly fishing. It was worth the hour drive from St. Augustine.

Chard is also a fantastic caster. Fittingly, he gave a morning casting seminar. I didn’t have time to go, but the man can flat out toss a razor-sharp loop. Here’s a clip of his technique.


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Mike Goes Fishing

Yes, sometimes even the staff at Oyster Creek Outfitters find a little time to get out on the water. Of course, it helps to have a good guide. Capt. Tim Boothe of Old City Guide Service is one of the best in Northeast Florida. It’s been a while since I’ve fished. With a move, a new job (or two) and a boat to tend to, time on the water has been limited. Part of that issue is my fault. Sometimes you have to make time. I aim to do better in 2017.

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