Another Fly-Fishing Gadget


I’m not a big gadget guy, but lord knows there are enough tools in fly fishing. Entire Orvis and L.L. Bean catalogs are full of assorted nick nacks. I’d like to think I can do without most. Simpler is better. However, I must admit my vest, fly-tying desk and garage are bulging at the seams with more and more stuff every season.

But I’ve finally bought something that’s small, compact (very important) and that makes life easier for your average angler. It’s called the Tie-Fast knot tool. It’s made my Cortland. I bought mine at the Port St. Lucie Bass Pro.

Ultimately, I’d like to work for Bass Pro in the fly shop department. To do that, I know I need practice tying knots. I can handle the basics, but I quickly realized, it’s tough to get repetition on the knots needed to set up a fly reel — the albright, arbor, spider hitch and nail knot. Once I set up a reel, I rarely go back to these knots. So … I had to practice. That’s where the Tie-Fast tool comes into play.

You can use a pencil or straw for the nail, but this tool makes it easy. Here’s a video from IntheRiffle that shows how.


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  1. A great tool. Won’t leave home without it!

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