Fly-Fishing Time Machine: A Look Back


Together after a day of training on the Big Hole.

Together after a day of training on the Big Hole.

Circa 1996. June.
My classmates and I at the Western Rivers Guide School in Wyoming. For the non-fly fishermen, it was a two-week course in Wyoming/Idaho/Montana that essentially taught you to run a drift boat on the big water out West. I can’t remember all the names. I’m sure some of my FB Orvis contacts know them. Joe Bressler ran the school. Lori-Ann Murphy, I think, was involved in the school a few years before I was there. It was a great two weeks.

A follow up: I was able to run down some info on what some of the instructors/students are doing. Gary Beebe sells drift boats in Idaho. Kim Keeley owns the Victor Emporium. Mike Boehm guides in the Keys and Jack Nicklaus is one of his big clients. Mike Janssen still guides out West. Not sure about Dave Miller. Tom Rowland, of Saltwater Experience, talked me into going to the guide school. He graduated the year before I did and has done quite well for himself.


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  1. Tom Rowland

    Hey Mike…
    Long time. Someone passed me the link to this article. I felt a big smile develop as I thought about those Guide School days. Good times. I hope you are well my friend!

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