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A Man for All Seasons


Brown relaxes on his porch at his Bryson, City, N.C. home

Finally back in the swing of things after a week in Western N.C., where I interviewed master fly caster Mac Brown, who can handle a fly rod, play a mean banjo, crunch a few numbers, hike the AT, fix a timing belt, build his own house and race mountain bikes. …. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.

After interviewing athletes and coaches much of the past 25 years, where cliches are the primary mode of communication, it’s invigorating to write about someone with an array of interests. Interviews often bore me. This one didn’t.

The truly great casters, Brown said, are often the most creative. He equates elite casting to playing music or painting a picture. The best casters are artistic.

“There’s something about them, I can usually tell in about five minutes, that makes the creativity flow out of them,” Brown said. “Jason (Borger) is like that. Jason is one of the most c reative people you could hang out with. Super creative. He’s not a musician per se, but he’s an incredible artist.”

Stay tuned for more. The full story will be in Trout Magazine.


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