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Lessons from Beach Snook

Brad Lowman with nice beach snook near St. Petersburg, Fla.

Brad Lowman releases a beach snook near St. Petersburg, Fla.

As June bleeds into July, it’s hot in Florida. The heat rises from the earth, hour by hour, as if you stepped into a sauna. Relief comes early or late, before the first cup of coffee or an after hour after the last glass of iced tea, as the sun eases below the dunes.

I measure the seasons by my fly-fishing calendar. Each season brings a new species. It’s now too hot for redfish and seatrout. Pretty soon, the tarpon and snook will arrive.

It was the same with freshwater, when I lived in Virginia. March is perfect for brook trout in the mountain streams. The brown trout of the spring creeks begin to stir when the grasshoppers stir in August.

As I reflect upon three decades with a fly rod, I learned lessons from each species.  … For more, go to http://www.hatchmag.com/articles/what-i-learned-beach-snook/7714402

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