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Trout in the Winter

My story for the Snook and Gamefish Foundation on strategies for catching winter trout. Enjoy.

It’s almost November. A hint of fall is in the air as a tinge of cool air has replaced summer’s suffocating heat. Of course, we’ll miss those flat calm days, but with winter on the way, conditions to catch big seatrout are not far behind. Given that timetable, here’s a look at a handful of the top places in Florida to find your quarry.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission plans a stock assessment for trout in the fall of 2016, so make sure to log your catches in the SGF Angler Action Program. The FWC uses SGF AA data to manage recreational gamefish. More info means better management. Try to do your part.

Back to the best state-wide spots for trout:



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A Friend from the Past

About 15 years ago, I fished the northern Mosquito Lagoon with John Kumiski. We’ve lost touch over the years, but I reconnected with him for a story I’m writing on the Indian River Lagoon.  It was a fun, informative conversation. John tells the truth, a refreshing perspective in the age of political correctness.

Take John’s blog, for instance. If he catches fish, he says so; if he doesn’t, he owns up to it, even if, as a professional guide, it would pay to post only positive fishing reports. I like it. You know where you stand. Not every is a carnival on the water, particularly with a fly rod. People need to know that guides have tough days as well.

Here’s his blog and a link to the website.


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