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Lessons from Beach Snook

Brad Lowman with nice beach snook near St. Petersburg, Fla.

Brad Lowman releases a beach snook near St. Petersburg, Fla.

As June bleeds into July, it’s hot in Florida. The heat rises from the earth, hour by hour, as if you stepped into a sauna. Relief comes early or late, before the first cup of coffee or an after hour after the last glass of iced tea, as the sun eases below the dunes.

I measure the seasons by my fly-fishing calendar. Each season brings a new species. It’s now too hot for redfish and seatrout. Pretty soon, the tarpon and snook will arrive.

It was the same with freshwater, when I lived in Virginia. March is perfect for brook trout in the mountain streams. The brown trout of the spring creeks begin to stir when the grasshoppers stir in August.

As I reflect upon three decades with a fly rod, I learned lessons from each species.  … For more, go to http://www.hatchmag.com/articles/what-i-learned-beach-snook/7714402

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Tight Lines in Montauk

Montauk is one place I’ve always wanted to go. I’m not much of a fan of the Northeast, but Montauk is the one exception in my geographical mindset. Its rugged beauty is attractive enough, not to mention the striped bass fishing. It’s definitely on my fly fishing bucket list. This video came from Dan Dow of Bonefish Tarpon & Trust. Dan posted this on his Facebook page. Check it out.

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Snook On Foot

My story for the Snook & Gamefish Foundation

Admit it. Anyone who’s caught a snook probably has dreamed of owning a Hell’s Bay or Maverick skiff with all the goodies, but it’s tough to write that big check, and all boats —it doesn’t matter if it’s a Gheenoe or a Hewes—continue to cost money, long after the initial purchase.

There’s no cheaper alternative than fishing on foot. You can walk the beach, hit the pier or wade the flats. All are viable options to pursue the linesider of a lifetime. All you need is basic fly or spinning gear and the motivation to find quality water. Below is a breakdown of some of your best bets along the Treasure Coast – what you need and how to fish each type of water.



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